28 November 2011 – European Parliament – “Peace and Prosperity – Founding Values of the European Union”

Monday, November 28, 2011 – “Peace and Prosperity – the Founding Values of the European Union” – The Lectio Magistralis by Prem Rawat is followed by the signing of the “Pledge to Peace”, a declaration of intent that commits the signatories – representatives of the European institutions, non-profit organizations, universities, public and private organizations – to promote and develop initiatives of peace in Europe, for a society based on human dignity, well-being, solidarity, equality and freedom among peoples. The Pledge to Peace initiative is sponsored by the First Vice-President of the European Parliament, Hon. Gianni Pittella, and it is part of the conference “Peace and Prosperity – the Founding Values of the European Union.”

In a room full of diplomats and personalities from the world of politics and culture from different countries, Gianni Pittella begins introducing Prem Rawat as a great personality that carries the message of peace, and reminds to the audience that at the end of the conference will be signed a declaration of intent for peace. He continues: “Peace is not only a goal of great men, but a duty entrusted to the contribution of all of us.”

The first vice president mentions that peace is the foundation of the European Union, which now must take on the task to reach beyond the economic crisis. Pittella continues remaining anchored to the present. Referring to the riots that have passed through the Arab countries, it is hoped that, with the help of the European Union “the spring does not become the fall or winter, but it becomes a beautiful summer, mild and sunny, democracy.” Lastly the data. Pittella concluded his speech by reminding the audience that today 98% of the world lives with little, while the remaining 2% is a lot of wealth and lives off of large areas characterized by poverty, “this great injustice should be remedied because it is the main source of war, conflict, hardship. “

The word goes to Anthony Seldon, journalist, writer, historian and head of Wellington College, the first school in England where happiness is a matter of study. Seldon remember that today’s initiative has received support from, among others, the ambassadors of Spain, Portugal, Egypt and the United States, as well as the President of the Senate and the Italian Prime Minister. Then shown a video in which they spend images of war and feel, unmistakable sounds of gunfire firearms. After the video, Seldon asked to present a moment of silence “for the joy ineffable peace that is here now.” A moment full of emotion. Then he says: “The constitution of UNESCO says that the peace must be constructed in the minds of men. If we can find peace and love in our lives, we will have a world full of peace. “

It ‘s the time of the keynote address by Prem Rawat, who immediately urges those present: “Why do we wonder if peace is possible? We do not know that peace exists implicitly in the heart of every human being? Peace can happen? Of course! The question is why is not happening. “

As was his custom, Prem Rawat enchants the audience by telling a simple story, pure and beautifully present, able to remind everyone of what already exists in our hearts, buried under layers of commitments, false goals, disappointments. An extraordinarily attentive audience listens to the story of the nightingale and the Emperor was looking for a bird that could sing a beautiful song. When the nightingale is brought to the emperor thinks it’s just a normal bird, but then he hears singing and falls in love. Unfortunately it free after another emperor gave him a mechanical nightingale. Some time after the artificial nightingale breaks and the emperor fell ill, to find himself on his deathbed. The nightingale and back, feeling sing, Emperor heals.

Prem Rawat goes on: “The nations are Emperor, peace is the nightingale. We made sure that peace has become a mechanical thing. the problems we have in this world come from very far, because the Emperor has forgotten the nightingale, and thought that the artificial nightingale was fine, but the mechanical nightingale broke. There are many people who are talking about how to fix it, but what we need is to hunt the mechanical nightingale and return to true. “

In one of the most heartfelt passages, Prem Rawat says that “every human being here on earth is our neighbor, because we have no other neighbors out there. When you do not get along with other people for differences of language, race or height, we deny the value inherent in ourselves. ” So remember the meaning of the word democracy: a few people who need a lot, and today we see many people who are few and this is not democracy. He added: “We tried everything but to give peace a chance. What is peace? The absence of war? No! The war is because people have lost respect for each other. The rules have become more important than people. Peace is at the heart of human beings, not in their minds. ” A burst of applause followed his conclusion: “You have to open the window and ask the nightingale, the song will save us.”

The Hon. Pittella took the floor to emphasize the importance of the commitment of the institutions that have signed the Pledge to Peace. This, which should become an institutional appointment of the European Parliament, publicize the initiatives taken by its members every September 21, the day of peace proclaimed by the United Nations.

Prem Rawat and Gianni Pittella are the first to sign the Pledge to Peace, followed by various representatives of Italian institutions, representatives of non-profit organizations – including Linda Pascotto, president of TPRF (The Prem Rawat Foundation) and Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day – and representatives of many other organizations and institutions.

The ‘On Nicolò Cristaldi, Mayor of Mazara del Vallo, explains his willingness to sign the Pledge to Peace: “I do humbly but with great force, in memory of what happened a few months ago in Mazara del Vallo. We believe that peace is pursued through the respect, as mentioned by His Excellency Prem Rawat. We would like there were many small Mazara in the world, called capital of tolerance and integration. Here we planted a small seed for the birth of the great forest of peace. “