Moscov, June 29th 2012 – «Слово о мире»

Moscow, Russia – June 29, 2012 –  «Слово о мире» 

The event “Notes on Peace” was held at the Library of Foreign Literature, an important center for cultural and international relations.

The event, sponsored by Synergy – University of Business and Finance of Moscow,  and the Ismail Akhmetov Foundation, was held in front of an audience of academics and University students.

After the impressive performance of a sonata by Tchaikovsky, the Rector of the Sinergy University , Professor Uriy Rubin, talked about the history of the young University and its  interest for peace. Prem Rawat, in his address full of tales and stories very much appreciated by the public, said that people expect peace from the world leaders, when peace already exists in each person.

The event concluded with a session of questions and answers with the students.

Mr. Akmenitov expressed the hope that many other events like this one happen  in the rest of Russia and neighboring countries.