Roma – Palazzo Giustiniani – Senate of the Republic

Roma – Palazzo Giustiniani – Senate of the Republic

ROME, December 3, 2012 – In the Zuccari hall of  Palazzo Giustiniani, at the Italian Senate, took place the conference “The Declaration of Brussels ‘Pledge to Peace’ – from the European Parliament to Rome, the path of Peace continues”.

Speakers of the conference were the President of the Senate, Renato Schifani, the Minister for International Cooperation ,Andrea Riccardi, the Vice President of the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella, the Vice Minister of Education, Marco Rossi Doria, the Senator fEmilio Colombo, Prem Rawat, prominent international personality on the theme of peace.

On this occasion, Prem Rawat was awarded with the title of Ambassador of the Pledge to Peace.

60 students of the National Boarding Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome attended the event.

The meeting was conducted by Antonio Preziosi, the Director of Rai Radio 1.

During the conference Paola Lavini and Michele Mirabella have read some excerpts on the theme of peace.