Sponsorships in Italy

Patronages received by the Association include:

The Senate of the Italian Republic

The Italian House of Parliament

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of Justice

The Minister for Rights and Equal Opportunities

The President of the Basilicata Region

The President of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region

The President of the Sicily Region

The Presidency of the Sicilian Region

The Regional Council of Friuli-Venezia Giulia

The Abruzzo Region

The Basilicata Region

The Calabria Region

The Campania Region

The Emilia Romagna Region

The Lazio Region

The Tuscany Region

The Piedmont Region

The Puglia Region

The Sicilian Region

The Lombardy Region

The Veneto Region

The Province of Potenza

The Province of Sondrio

The Province of Padua

The City of Palermo

The City of Rome

The City of Trieste

The City of Corleone

The City of Agrigento

The City of Mazara del Vallo

The City of Potenza

The City of Sondrio

The City of Padua


The Tourist Authority of the Province of Livorno

The Tourist Authority of the Province of Pisa