29 June 2010 – Bruxelles, European Parliament – “Words of Peace for Europe”

29 June 2010 – Bruxelles, European Parliament – “Words of Peace for Europe”

European Parliament, Brussels – “Words of Peace for Europe”

On 29 June 2010 in Brussels, at the European Parliament, was held an international conference – initiative of the first Vice-President, Mr Gianni Pittella – attended by people from all over the world.

The conference was characterized by the presence of Prem Rawat, authoritative voice for peace in the world.

Among the leading authorities was also present Pavel Borodin, Secretary of State of the Union Russia and Belarus, actively engaged in the care of orphans.

The conference was opened  by  Hon. Pittella, who reminded the audience that the task of the Institutions is to create the necessary  conditions to secure and defend peace.

It was then the turn of Prem Rawat, who outlined the essence of the message he has been spreading successfully for decades in every part of the world.

“I think it is very good to talk about  peace, but it’s even better to feel it. A human characteristic is to improve ourselves, not outside, not only in our ideas, but also in our hearts (..). Peace is a fundamental need of human beings, it must be felt, and it is from the heart of human beings that peace will be created. ” Continuing on the subject Prem Rawat expressed it this way: “The prosperity without peace brings chaos. Create peace and you have created a stage on which prosperity can dance. If we go to the moon, then we can also be able to cover the distance between a heart and  the other. “

The President of the Italian Republic , Giorgio Napolitano,  sent a message with which he expressed his deep appreciation.