(ITA) CEDIAL Palermo – International Day for Peace 2013

Voices from the heart

by  Aurora Randazzo

Today in Palermo the CeDiAl (Center for Eating Disorders of the Local State Health Services) has honored and celebrated the International Day of Peace. Cedial has signed the Pledge to Peace, the Declaration of  Bruxelles established on the 28 of November 2011, together with the City of Palermo, the Board of Medical Doctor of Palermo and the University of Palermo.

The desire to be in unison with the rest of the world has created a time and a place where peace can be celebrated , invoked and profuse in the heart of each of us. More than a hundred people, including patients, family members, friends, doctors , psychologists and healthcare operators have been able to celebrate together and enjoying a beautiful sunny day  of September .

The Dr. Giuseppe Buffa led the day (introducing the history of the International Day of Peace and the Brussels Declaration (Pledge to Peace) , (organized by the Associazione Percorsi) of 2011 and sealed by the Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat) , together with the Dr. Lia Iacoponelli and colleagues of the Cedial, all of which have expressed, each in his own way, all the words and actions related to peace: love, gratitude , joy, freedom , desire, hope, care, support , hugs, smiles, gifts.

While the working area and the shows were going on two video displays of continuous play ing videos of the Foundation TPRF specially prepared for the World Day of Peace were being shown.

The diversity was the resource that allowed emotional contagion among hearts speaking , listening , singing , dancing , producing a profusion of emotions and wonder.s

The art in its forms , words and body, only spoke the language of the heart .

Reading words of peace (G. Buffa read “Let us give Peace a Chance” of Prem Rawat ), coming from different times and places makes you realize how deeply rooted in the human soul is the search for peace , giving voice to the hope of making more for themselves and for the world we live in. Yes, it is a path of research, because stems from the awareness that the conflict , anger , aggression dwell in the human heart . However, as pointed out by Dr. lia Iacoponelli , discomfort and vacuum can be filled by light, by love, peace. In this way you can fight and make it less besiegers those conflicts (internal or external) that can cause disease or discomfort.

An example of this is the strong concept that she remembered today : ” … every time you breathe, you are defeating death … ” as we recall the extraordinary words of Prem Rawat .

And it is possible to walk the journey of life , reminding us that time is our ally if we allow him to accompany us to the realization of what we want , of that fundamental desire which is the basis of our essence .

Even for those suffering the strength of the change originates from relationships , helping each other with gratitude, love.

Even a smile that comes from the heart has the power to touch the soul of who is in front of us , making arise the emotions that create well-being , awakening the power of emotional contagion. . But vital emotions are born in the encounter with others , and are inversely proportional to that  which leads to loneliness.

On this day the hymn to peace has been expressed through the reading of poems , photographs , dance and singing.

The poetry of Barbara Castelnuovo sent a lot of emotion and that reflect the complexity and responsibility that a handover from one generation to another entails, echoing the hope for peace to be sent to accompany a son in the path of life.

The same theme was represented by the photos that won the first prize of the initiative/competition/show called for the day “One shot for Peace” A photo depicting a child held in the arms looking straight ahead, won the compatition for best photo and it reminds us that the authenticity and joy that belong to childhood may continue to exist in the journey of life , representing the basis for a confident look to the future.

All participants in the celebration of peace have been overwhelmed by the music sung by Maria Privitera and Irene Giunta, who have contributed to the soundtrack to the day , allowing us to experience first-hand how positive feelings like peace are the glue between people.

The music was followed by an extraordinary “pas de deux” , a dance , choreographed by Marcello Carini and danced with skill and love by Marcello Carini and Michael Pernice , which made a dynamic representation of life and beauty of art , both are profesional dancers of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, the Classical Theater where Prem Rawat spoke in 2008.

The alternation between balance and contrast was the theme of the ballet in which one could see the interdependence of the bodies and souls in sync dancing , trusting one another . The movement of the body postponed to the awareness of ourselves and of the nuances that enliven the consciousness , making the discovery of a peace meeting with the parties themselves.

Any representation today wanted to make sure that each of us touched each other in the profoundness , showing that peace can be touched , hugged, kissed, sung …

The deep meaning of this celebration comes from the thought of Prem Rawat of which we saw a touching video : “Peace lies in the heart of every human being on the face of the earth and is waiting to be discovered ” He recalls us that the wars in the world exist because there is an inner war .

And then the day could not end without a hymn to peace and hope. This is why all the participants, together, they looked at the sky and flew in unison balloons with cords hanging the written desires of everyone … to look up and never stop believing in the future with peace , and then at the end and before the nice “Buffet” we finally sang the song “Imagine” all together!

The partecipants to the Day of Peace in Palermo were about 100 people, and the volunteers involved 15.

It was held on the 20th because of logistical reasons instead of the 21th.

The following videos were shown continuously on a loop and on 2 video stations:

Peace is a feeling, Peace and War, Where is peace and Ambassador for Peace Presentation – Rome, Italy December 2012.