“FÊTES DE LA PAIX” – Pledge to Peace Signatories for the International Day of Peace

Until now, 3 main activities in 2016 :

Peace Education Program:
3 programs with between 8 to 13 participants in each sessions
• March/April in a retirement home in Rabastens de Bigorre (EHPAD)
• July for a little association (Oiseau Bleu de N’Zérékoré) in Maubourguet
• September for Fêtes de la Paix association in Villecomtal sur Arros

Concert for Peace:
3 Choirs and 80 participants in a church in Tarbes ; this event was put together with 3 other associations. NDA Biang and Fourmis des Pyrénées, doing littles humanitarians projects in Cameroun and Guinea and Rivages which is facilitating initiatives in the region. 570 euros were raised for those initiatives.

The 2016 Fête de la Paix event itself coming up 1 and 2 october:
5th edition with like usually, conferences, workshops, concerts and a PEP presentation. We are expecting around 500 participants. This year the festival is concentrating in the « Oasis » concept, which consist of locations where peoples are living together around promoting educational, ecological and solidarity projects. It could be in a village or in a city and usually peoples not only lives there but also shares ressources and knowledge around what is the specific purpose of their « Oasis ».

Before the end of the year, 4 projects to come.

Another Peace Education Program (place to be defined)

The launch of the « Oasis de la Paix » in Lascazères Hautes Pyrénées department. In this place we are starting to build a center where potentially 5 households could live and share initiatives for peace, wellbeing and solidarity.

A « perma-culture » training 15 and 16 octobre in Lascazères the future location of the Oasis de la Paix.

A New Years Eve dinner in Montégut Arros. Together with 3 little humanitarian association; this event will provide funds for the different associations including the Fêtes de la Paix.

We consider that next year we will be mainly concentrate in fully develloping the « Oasis de la Paix » in Lascazères.