Logo-Media-for-Peace-blue-transparentIn collaboration with the Journalist Association of Palermo, the Secretariat of the Pledge to Peace launches “Media for Peace”, an open platform gathering media channels and media operators who are willing to promote the topic of peace.


The initiative wants to be an invitation to communication and information operators to take action in supporting and promoting fundamental values ​​such as peace, human dignity and prosperity and to reflect on the fact that peace is a fundamental need in the life of every person, as essential as civil rights, basic necessities and access to opportunities.


A “Media for Peace Charter” will be developed, aimed at encouraging media and their operators to give more attention to positive initiatives in favor of peace. In general, the project aims at promoting and disseminating a culture of peace, tolerance, hospitality, generosity and solidarity, in order to contribute to the building of a civil consensus for a future of peace.


Media can play a key role in the development of a prosperous and inclusive society. And peace can really be the greatest achievement of mankind.