Pledge to Peace

What is it?

The Brussels Declaration “Pledge to Peace”, signed at the European Parliament on Nov. 28, 2011, is a European project to promote the values of peace.

Aims and contents

The Declaration of Intent conventionally called ‘Pledge to Peace’ was created to encourage activities and initiatives aimed at promoting peace in its most universal meaning, as a condition necessary for the well-being, prosperity and dignity of every person.

The Pledge to Peace was inspired by the principles of freedom, equality and solidarity enshrined in the preamble of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

In addition to being a unique document of its kind at European institutional level, the Pledge to Peace constitutes a tool to initiate, through the commitment of an increasingly wide number of public and private entities, actions, initiatives and programs aimed at building a society in which coexistence between people is based on the ideals of dignity, peace and solidarity.

The birth of the Pledge and the subscriptions

The Pledge to Peace came to life at the conference “Peace and Prosperity – Founding Values of the European Union” on November 28, 2011 at the venues of the European Parliament in Brussels from initiative of the First Vice President of the European Parliament, of the former President of the European Parliament Emilio Colombo, and of the Associazione Percorsi.

It was sponsored by the Italian Senate, the Chamber of Deputies and by Prem Rawat, authoritative ambassador of the Pledge to Peace, who was the first signatory.

The Declaration of Intent, to which is joining a growing number of governments, organizations, companies, public and private are signing the Declaration of Intent. The Intent allows each signatory to act independently in the design and development of peace projects. At the same time, synergies and collaboration between members are promoted, thanks to the coordination of Associazione Percorsi, organization delegated to the Secretariat of the Declaration.

Who can join the Brussels Declaration Pledge to Peace

The Pledge to Peace aims to create a network of public and private entities that share the vision of the ideals of peace that constitute its guiding principles. Organisations that commit themselves both to implement and promote projects and initiatives that translate these ideals of peace into a practice to be effectively implemented in all the civil, cultural, educational and working areas of society.The Pledge to Peace welcomes among the signatories:

  • Civil Institutions, for their ability to put the issue of peace at the centre of the political and administrative life and bring it to the attention of civil society.
  • Public and private Institutions that deal with education and training, to which is given the opportunity to include the topic of peace during their dynamic teachings.
  • Cultural and humanitarian organisations, associations and representative bodies, for their role of civic awareness raising and active influence.
  • Businesses, particularly those committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Hence the Pledge to Peace represents a dynamic, practical and high profile initiative, whose subscribers take on the ideals of peace as they address their activities and – as such – become an active part in building a society based on peace and wellbeing of people.

How to join

To join the Pledge to Peace it is simply necessary to fill out and sign the application form with the Declaration of Intent downloadable from the website and post it to the Association Percorsi, the organization entrusted with the Secretariat function.

For companies and organizations it is necessary that the person signing has the representative powers as required by law. For public entities it is necessary that their representatives are fully authorized, under their constitution and governance, to sign a resolution and make practical undertakings and commitments under the Declaration of Intent.

The Secretariat, after having considered the applications for membership, will approve those from entities that propose initiatives which are consistent with the purposes of the Pledge to Peace and will invite the applicants to sign the contract document itself, including them in the list of signatories.

The Secretariat, in addition to performing the functions of coordination, as above-mentioned, will promote, host and undertake events, projects and initiatives with the aim of supporting the actions and programs of the Signatories of the Pledge to Peace.


Read  the Brussels Declaration Pledge to Peace text and download the subscription request form […] 

The Public Administrations, Public Agencies, Institutions, Organizations and Associations wishing to join the Declaration of Intent called ”Pledge to Peace”,  please  contact the Secretariat of the Associazione Percorsi  for the required information at the following email
Thank you for your cooperation.