The Brussels Declaration PLEDGE TO PEACE

A European project aimed at promoting the development of peace and peace education to enhance the well-being of its peoples.

An initiative under the Patronage of the 1st Vice President of the European Parliament,  the Pledge is a call to action, a commitment towards peace.

The Declaration is based upon the founding principles of the European Union and specifically the core principles of the Lisbon Treaty 2009 and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union contained in the Nice Declaration  of 2000.

The Declaration calls on signatories to identify, develop and enhance a culture of peace within the European Union, allowing each signatory their own freedom to do so but collaborating where necessary with the assistance of a secretariat and communications hub in the form of the Percorsi peace organization. This is a non-profit Italian based NGO, created with the support of Emilio Colombo  one of the founding fathers of the EU.

Each signatory is invited to report its activity on UN Peace Day, in recognition of UN resolution 55/282 of 7th September 2001.


“Pledge to Peace”

shared by:


individually identified in this document and from now on collectively called





implementing a European project aimed at promoting the processes for the development of peace and peace education to enhance the well-being of its people.

Brussels, 28th November 2011


–       the preamble of the “Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union”, solemnly proclaimed in Nice on 7th December 2000,  that “the Peoples of Europe, in creating an even closer union among them, are resolved to share a peaceful future based on common values”;

–       the Union is based upon indivisible and universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality, and solidarity and contributes to maintain and develop such common values;

–       the Lisbon Treaty, in force as of 9th December 2009, defines as the “Union’s Objectives” the promotion of “its values, peace and well being of its Peoples”;

–       the desire for peace and well being is innate in human beings and the process of peace building must be rooted in this natural need;

–       the parties signing the present declaration intend to implement  projects aimed at facilitating and promoting peace and the education of people to the fundamental values of peace and well being, and make it available to the society as a whole;

–       sharing the vision highlighted in the Conference “Peace and Well being”, held at the European Parliament on 28th November 2011, the parties agree upon the need to direct and increase European citizens’ consciousness regarding a culture of peace in its broadest meaning, using adequate tools and ways respectful of cultures, customs and traditions of every Member State;

–       the representatives of Administrations, Institutions and Organizations present, individually identified in this Declaration of Intent, declare themselves to be willing to support projects and proposals which are useful to the Project of Peace Promotion as described in the premise and obtain the needed approvals;

–       with the aim of collecting the elements and criteria which will constitute the Project, the PARTIES are committed to agree on what is needed to implement the aforementioned Project;

That being stated, the PARTIES and the individuals here concerned “ad adiuvandum”, agree to the following:

Article 1

Joint commitment to create Projects aimed at promoting peace

and well-being among people

1.1 The PARTIES agree that the Pledge to Peace, which will implement the actions described below, has the aim of promoting the values of Peace and Well Being in their broadest and universal meaning, based on the principles of the centrality and dignity of every individual, and on the principles of solidarity, equality and freedom.

1.2 In respecting the criteria inspiring the afore described initiative, the PARTIES, each within their own institutional field of competence and in complete freedom, are committed to initiate the actions needed to identify and seek the practices, methods, contexts and tools they intend to use to contribute in creating and shaping the Project.

1.3 To this aim it is agreed that from now on each PARTY, while developing and planning its activities and governance, will include those elements capable of supporting the need for peace and prosperity while at the same time supporting initiatives as appropriate to all segments of society that can offer a valid support to the dissemination and promotion of peace, employing resources and tools such as education, technology, science and policies as may be deemed necessary.

Article 2

Role of those adhering to the Declaration of Intent

2.1 The PARTIES declare they adhere to the Pledge to Peace Project as defined in the Declaration of Intent and are at the same time committed to provide every form of support and collaboration conducive to the positive outcome and success of the Project.

2.2 For this purpose, the PARTIES are committed towards providing proposals, documents, materials, and results of studies and surveys that may be useful in achieving the Pledge to Peace objectives.

Article 3

Communication and promotion of the Declaration of Intent

3.1 The PARTIES agree upon the importance of providing adequate publicity to the content of this Declaration of Intent and promoting the participation of any other Institution, Administration, public and private Agency and Organization that may be interested.

3.2 The PARTIES expressly convene that the dissemination of any initiative connected to this Declaration of Intent through institutional communication channels is of a purely informative nature.

Article 4

Coordination and Secretariat

4.1 The functions of coordinating, monitoring and gathering information of all initiatives needed to implement any actions and projects herein mentioned will be entrusted to a Secretariat,   the function of which is currently being performed by the “Associazione Percorsi”. A Technical Committee will be established, by concerted decision, if deemed necessary.

4.2 The PARTIES can forward proposals to the Secretariat or the Technical Committee, if there be any, specifying the implementation of resources and defining the schedule for every single stage of the projects.

Article 5

A joint commitment to spreading the culture of peace

The PARTIES are committed, according to the premises and the body of this Declaration of Intent and according to their role and specific capacity, to promoting the initiatives and activities aforementioned, and strengthening the dissemination of the culture of peace inspired by the aforementioned principles, as well as promoting any other initiative and activity that might be in accordance with the Project.

It is possible for further Institutions, Administrations, public and private Companies and Organizations to adhere to the “Pledge to Peace”.

Article 6

Timelines and reporting

6.1. In recognition of The United Nations General Assembly resolution 55/282 of 7th September 2001, which states that the UN International Day of Peace shall be observed on 21st September each year for the  celebration and observance of peace, the parties agree to announce, report and publicize their respective on going and / or specific peace initiatives  on September 21st.

6.2. The Secretariat agrees to facilitate and assist all signatories in disseminating and publicizing their respective peace initiatives on every UN Peace Day for the life of the projects, to bring attention to their respective peace efforts and in recognition of uniting peace initiatives across the World.


Administrations, Institutions, Organizations and Corporations that adhere to the Declaration signed at the European Parliament in Brussels on 28 November 2011 agree to periodically establish the conferral of the title “Ambassador of the Pledge to Peace” to one or more individuals who, consistently with the purposes of the Declaration, have undertaken initiatives to promote the values of peace and well-being in their broadest and universal meaning, as well as of solidarity, equality and freedom.

To this aim, the signatories of this Appendix from now on appoint the Associazione Percorsi (designated as the delegate for the coordination, collection, monitoring of initiatives and as the Pledge’s Secretariat, pursuant to art. 4 of the Declaration) with the task of identifying from time to time the names of those who are worthy of the conferral of the Title on the basis of the aforementioned criteria, taking into account the candidates proposed by the signatories.


All rights reserved to Associazione Percorsi, based in Albano Laziale, via Tor Paluzzi    164 / A, Italy as the author and creator of the Declaration of Intent signed in Brussels at the European Parliament on 28 November 2011 and conventionally called PLEDGE TO PEACE. In accordance with the Law on copyright and the Civil Code, the reproduction of the document called PLEDGE TO PEACE or any part of it is not permitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, by photocopying, microfilming, recording or any other way.

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The Public Administrations, Public Agencies, Institutions, Organizations and Associations wishing to join the Declaration of Intent called “Pledge to Peace”,  please  contact the Secretariat of the Associazione Percorsi  for the required information at the following email
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