In this last year, the Forton Group have actively contributed to the following initiatives:

  1. Celebrating the World in London: an event of music and inspiration from the diverse communities in London.  The organisers invited the Ambassador for Peace, Mr. Prem Rawat to attend and present a keynote speech.  He also met a smaller group of people to discuss issues related to peace education, notably around crime prevention and rehabilitation.  Prem was presented with a ‘Peace Basket’ – a traditional Rwandan gift symbolising peace in the home, generosity and prosperity. Forton’s role was to facilitate planning and support preparation. 
  2. Throughout the year Forton has also supported the establishment and development of the “Kifubon: giving books” project.  You can find details at www.kifubon.com.  Books authored by Prem Rawat are gifted – by generous supporters – to social projects such as domestic violence refuges (to support reading stories to children); to prisons (to support reading/reflection groups) and to ‘Custody Suites’ which are places where people are arrested/remanded for criminal behaviour so that they have something inspirational to read.  The project has 3 elements: the donation of books; identifying suitable recipient projects and sharing feedback from participants.