“THE FORTON GROUP” – Pledge to Peace Signatories for the International Day of Peace

The Forton Group has provided volunteer time to peace education initiatives every week for the last year.

We are particularly interested in supporting the development of ‘Lesson Plans’ using high-quality stimulus materials, whether artwork, music, video or books.  We hope to report on this initiative in 2016/2017.

The Forton Group also provided volunteer time and resources to support the ‘Inside Peace’ event at the British Film Institute in London in June 2016.  This included:

  • Showing the film ‘Inside Peace’ about peace education and its impacts on inmates, and their lives outside prison
  • A panel discussion, including the most senior executive in the UK prison system, the Chief Inspector of Prisons, plus judges, prison governors and others
  • A keynote speech from Prem Rawat
  • Networking between the 450 guests
  • Follow-up activities are also being supported by the Forton Group, specifically with the aim to reach out to more UK prisons to introduce prison peace education programmes (known as ‘PEP’).

We continue to support the Pledge to Peace Initiative and wish you all well.