Peace Partners – Le iniziative per la Giornata Internazionale della Pace 2021

18 settembre 2021

Peace Partners, signatories to the Pledge to Peace
Report for 21st September 2021

Activities we have been pursuing, during the period 21st September 2020 to 21st September 2021, as a signatory to the Pledge to Peace.

As a UK charity we believe that the initiatives we have undertaken have contributed towards promoting a culture of peace amongst the individuals who have been their beneficiaries, and amongst the volunteers who have participated in contributing to making them happen.

This year our activities, influenced by the circumstances of the on-going Covid 19 pandemic, have included:


  • Promotion/sponsorship and hosting of our partner The Prem Rawat Foundation’s initiative. The Peace Education Programme:-
  • Continuation of the Peace Education Programme for schools and colleges at a South London Sixth Form College (course started Autumn 2020) via Zoom.
  • A Peace Education Programme for interested adults via Zoom. Some of the attendees have gone on to train in order to help run the course themselves. These volunteers have welcomed the opportunity especially during these times of uncertainty with Covid.
  • Networking with other groups and individuals in the UK to train volunteers to help run the workshops. Volunteers express their enjoyment and thanks.
  • Practice courses on Zoom taking place regularly.
  • Provided UK support and sponsorship for some applicants to TPRF wishing to run the programme for their own groups in the UK.
  • Aligned the Peace Education Programme info on our webpage to synchronise with TPRF.
  • Worked closely with TPRF in order to plan for another Peace Education Programme to be held at the South London Sixth Form College. Plans are now in place for a student course to start at the end of September 2021. Peace Partners has sponsored all expenses and provided trained teachers and volunteers to run the course.
  • Staff at the same college have requested the course for themselves under the umbrella of well-being. Plans are in place and this will take place in October 2021. Peace Partners has sponsored expenses for this and provided trained volunteers.
  • Kept supporters up to date with our Peace Education Programme activities.
  • Used Lottery funding and donations to practically support our activities, such as purchasing a lap-top and tablet for the running of courses; dedicated Zoom accounts; workbooks for students; promotional material.


  • Facilitated fundraising campaigns and appeals for the core peace and humanitarian related initiatives that we support as a charity. These are described on our website. This year several thousand UK pounds have been raised, a major beneficiary being The Prem Rawat Foundation.
  • Successfully migrated to a new and more effective online donation platform. Both our regular and ad hoc donors have been supported in this way.
  • During the year a special virtual event thanking our donors was organised.
  • A fundraising campaign for Centrepoint UK, a charity supporting homeless young people, has raised several thousand UK pounds. The campaign included a virtual fundraiser quiz hosted by us.


  • A new online blog called ‘Writings for Peace’ was established on our website, with regular new contributions. The blog’s aim is to “Bring supporters poetry and prose from around the world to reflect the broader humanitarian mission of Peace Partners”.
  • Promotions were undertaken for several special anniversary days: Peace Day, Earth Day and Hunger Day. Our commitment to these annual events was expressed through our unique social media, website and newsletter postings – but not this year through physical events.

In conclusion, we would like to mention that, in addition to the beneficiaries, up to 50 volunteers participated in these activities. The personal responses we have received from both groups have been overwhelmingly positive.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Pledge to Peace. We feel it is a wonderful honour to be involved, it inspires us to increase our efforts to make a difference, and is helping us further appreciate the importance of peace both personally, and as members of our communities.

The Trustees and Volunteer Team

UK Registered Charity No. 1166456